Xero Invoice

Handling invoice in Xero

How to invoice customers - Xero

Learn about easy-to-use Xero online invoicing to send beautiful invoices and receive online payments, helping you to get paid faster.

How to send an invoice by email - Small Business Guides - Xero

Want to know how to send an invoice by email? There’s a bit more to it than writing an email with the invoice attached! This video covers details such as when to send an invoice, how to make sure you’re sending it to the right person or department, what information to include in the invoice email itself, and the best format for the invoice you attach. And don’t forget to follow up in a timely manner!

Invoice payment terms- Get paid faster! - Small Business Guides - Xero

There are many types of payment terms when creating invoices - here’s how to make invoice payment terms work for you! This video covers invoice terms and conditions you can use to get your small business paid faster.

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