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Hasanuddin University’s Faculty of Public Health (FKM) conducted a Seminar at the Prof. Auditorium A. Amiruddin, Unhas Makassar, Sunday (8/12).

The seminar with the theme “Set Up Your Mind to be an Entrepreneur” to provide an entrepreneur paradigm for students.

The seminar presented the former Minister of Agriculture from 2014-2019, Amran Sulaiman, who explained his experience as a businessman.

“In this era, students must have the mentality of steel to achieve success. To do business, start when you are not ready to do it,” said the man who is the CEO of the Tyrant Group.

The seminar was attended by around 200 participants coming from cross-faculty students at Hasanuddin University. Other speakers present as speakers in this activity were Founder of Paccoo.com, M. Zulfikri, Founder of Truzt.id, Ahmad Rafif, Development and Entrepreneurship and Business Unit, Asdar Fajrin Multazam.

Zul told the history of the Paccoo business development, which initially started from the development of taro into an agricultural product in Malakaji village, the peak of Mount Lampobattang.

Fear, traditional doctrine and prestige challenge young people to move forward now. Being an entrepreneur needs a mindset and challenges that have an effect and value on society.

“You need to take part in business events to get capital opportunities in developing a business. Besides looking for partners with different skills to start a business,” said this successful young entrepreneur

Ahmad Rafif, Founder of Truzt.id explained about financial planning and in UI investment for millennials. Students must plan finances and investments from the start by conducting a check-up finacial and dividing expenditure items.

“Investing from the beginning to fight inflation. Investment is not a strange and scary thing. What is scary is investment bulging,” said the young man who is also a student of Unhas economics.

Asdar explained that all this time students did not start a business because of capital constraints. For this reason, the government spends enormous funds to support infrastructure, business services, financing and connections through incubators developed at universities in Indonesia.

Atjo Wahyu, Vice Dean of FKM Hasanuddin University planning and finance who opened the seminar expected FKM students to become students with an entrepreneurial spirit that has benefits for the surrounding environment.

source: kompasiana